Levelz Feature Overview

At Wildz Casino, the player experience is paramount. With a plethora of rewards and bonuses, Wildz ensures that players are always engaged and entertained. One of the standout features that truly sets Wildz apart is the Levelz feature. Here’s a deep dive into what Levelz is and how it enhances the gaming experience at Wildz. Whether you are a casual player or a hardcore Wildz VIP, everyone wins with Levelz!

What is Levelz?

Levelz is a unique reward system exclusive to Wildz Casino. Upon registering at Wildz, players are introduced to a personal Progress Bar. This bar advances based on the player’s activity on the platform. As players engage more and fill up their Progress Bar, they level up. Every time a player achieves a new level, they are rewarded with a spin on Levelz, a single-reel mini slot. This mini slot offers free spins on players’ favorite games and other enticing prizes. The value of these prizes is proportional to the average wagering amount during the previous level.

Special Wildz Bonuses with Levelz

Wildz goes the extra mile to reward its players. If a player levels up once or more during a single day, they receive a free Level Up the very next day. This is granted simply by logging in and visiting the ‘My Rewards’ section. This is a way of giving you extra on top of the Wildz Welcome Bonus.

Why Levelz?

The Levelz feature is Wildz Casino’s way of appreciating and rewarding its players. It’s a part of their opt-in loyalty program designed to offer various benefits to players. From free spins to up to 20% cashback for the most loyal customers, the rewards are plenty. There’s also a dedicated account manager for Loyalty+ members and opportunities to win real money prizes.

Play Responsibly

While the Levelz feature is exciting, Wildz Casino emphasizes responsible gaming. Players are always encouraged to set limits and play within their means. Most games at Wildz can be played for free in Demo Mode, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the mechanics and bonus rounds.


The Levelz feature is a testament to Wildz Casino’s commitment to offering a rewarding and engaging gaming experience. It’s innovations like these that make Wildz a top choice for casino enthusiasts. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, the Levelz feature promises added excitement and rewards every step of the way.

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